Prosecution Demands A Three Year Sentence For Yang Hyun Suk On Allegations Of Trying To Cover B.I’s Drug Allegation And Threatening A Trainee Informant

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Prosecution is demanding a three year sentence for Former YG Entertainment executive producer (CEO) Yang Hyun Suk.

On November 14, another trial for the ongoing case was held. The prosecution pleaded to 3 years in jail for Yang Hyun Suk and 2 years for Mr. Kim who was also prosecuted alongside the former YG CEO.

The prosecution alleges that it was evident he coerced the former trainee informant [A].

Yang Hyun Suk has previously refuted the rumors. He said that what A claimed was not true, saying that he had been talking carefully while living as a celebrity for 30 years and that B.I tested negative for internal drugs and he had great faith in B.I. He added that A’s attitude at the time of cross-examination was very disrespectful, adding that he wanted to record it in the report.

Former CEO Yang Hyun Suk is accused of conciliating and threatening singer trainee A, who was arrested by the police in August 2016, when they testified to former iKON member B.I‘s drug purchase charges.

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