PRISTIN Member Writes Alarming Post On Instagram Questioning Her Will To Live, Fans Seriously Worried

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Former PRISTIN Member Xiyeon is worrying fans with what she posted to her Instagram account.

On December 3, Xiyeon posted a cryptic worrisome message to her Instagram and then almost immediately deleted it. However, some fans still had a screenshot of the post and shared it on various platforms online, when they found out what it meant it sent alarm bells up high.

She posted a photo with this caption,

“I have to live for the sake of the people who are left behind. I have to live. I have to try living. Even if my breath is tight, I have to try breathing. I have to try living.

It’s okay Junghyun (her birth name), it’s okay.”

Needless to say, fans were frantic after reading this post. Xiyeon dedicated the majority of her life to being a trainee; she had been with Pledis Entertainment for 11 years and spent the majority of her life training and singing doing her best to achieve her dream of becoming an idol.

As previously reported, PRISTIN disbanded earlier this year, despite their promising future, PRISTIN promoted for two years and only a couple of songs before their careers were cut short. Fans of PRISTIN are still bitter about the sudden announcement because of the huge potential PRISTIN had as a girl group.

Xiyeon had even participated in “Produce 101” first season in hopes of debuting in I.O.I. She’s currently a free-agent since she departed Pledis along with the majority of her group following their disbandment back in May earlier this year.

But now fans’ focus has shifted towards Xiyeon, they’re deeply worried about her well-being after reading this post which could be interpreted as cry for help. Fans have been sending her messages of encouragement to her Instagram account, fans also trended two hashtags on twitter, #staystrongxiyeon and #WeLoveYouXiyeon.

What do you think of her post?

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