[BREAKING] Popular Japanese Actor Hamura Miura Passes Away Due To Suspected Suicide

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The entertainment world was shocked to learn that popular Japanese Actor Hamura Miura has passed away at the age of 30.

The news broke out on July 18 by various Japanese media outlets, Korean news outlets also reported on the news and it’s currently one of the top trending topics on Naver.

According to various media reports, Haruma Miura was discovered hanging in his house around 1 pm JST on July 18. The exact cause of death hasn’t been determined yet, but many believe that he passed away due to suicide.

He was taking to the hospital after he was discovered but was pronounced dead. His body was found because his manager visited his house when he didn’t show up to a meeting that was scheduled in the afternoon. He was found with a note in his room.

Born in 1990, Haruma Miura started his career at a young age, he went to become a reputable Japanese actors starring in many popular dramas and movies. He’s well known for his leading role in popular anime Attack on Titan.

Kpop fans know him for being friends with EXO Chanyeol, he was also a BTS fan who attended their concert in Japan previously as well.

May his soul rest in peace.

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