Police Responds To Concerns After An Online User Threatens To Shoot BTS’s Jimin In Upcoming Concert

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BTS army were very scared and terrified after an online user threatened to shoot Jimin at an upcoming BTS concert in September, fans took their concerns to the police directly to address the threat and deal with it as professionally and as quietly as possible.

The online psycho-good-for-nothing user wrote on the Q&A internet site Curious Cat the following,

“I’m going to shoot Park Ji Min with a Glock 19 in Fort Worth on September 16, while he sings ‘Serendipity’. It’s going to be fun seeing his lifeless body hit the floor.

He’s been alive way too long and always gets in the way. Why am I telling you this? Because nothing can happen to me on [Curious Cat], ask the ARMYs getting racist [Curious Catters] for being n******.”

On May 10, Fort Worth Police tweeted,

“We are aware of the threat made to the BTS concert (in Sept) and it is currently being investigated/looked into.”

BTS fandom didn’t stand still and had reported the incident to the Fort Worth city tourism center which adviced they report to the local law enforcement since they’re the ones who deal with security for major events, they wrote,

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We will share with the venue and @fortworthpd.

Always report any threats to local law enforcement as they provide security for major events like this. Thanks!”

BTS will be visiting Fort Worth, Texas on September 15-16 to hold their concert, the concert will be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena in Fort Worth.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Jimin has received such a serious threat. Back in 2017, an online user on twitter threatened to shoot him from the crowd at BTS’s “Wings Tour” in California.

Fans are anxiously waiting for the police to share details of their investigation and hopefully catch the online user who made such a serious threat.

What do you think of this?

MY Thoughts

I try to minimize swearing on my site but when I report such news all I want to do is swear.. What the fuck is this?

How fucked up and useless you must be a person to threaten to kill someone at a concert while they’re performing to the masses? What exactly goes on inside that person’s head?

This threat should NOT be ignored. I am glad that army are dealing with this the proper way instead of threatening to kill him as well. The police must get involved and the matter should be investigated properly.

Anyone who makes such comments even if they were joking should be punished for it. Since you’re mobilizing police force to protect a huge venue from your threat, this costs money and time and police resources, such threats should NEVER be taken lightly.

How do you guys feel about this?

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