Police Requests Arrest Warrant For Jung Joon Young, No Plans For Seungri Yet

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On March 18, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Provincial Special Detective Division revealed two new developments to the ongoing investigation regarding Jung Joon Young and the hidden spycams.

The first development is that he was brought into questioning for the second time on March 17; the questioning lasted for 5 hours. The second development is the announcement of the request for an arrest warrant. It was requested on the grounds of violating the act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Violence Crimes.

This announcement came six days after he was booked on the same charges, the first questioning he went through lasted for 21 hours.

There are reported to be at least 10 victims at the moment.

He was booked on the suspicion of filming and sharing illegal hidden camera footage and photos of sexual acts to his chatrooms that included various celebrities, CEOs, and non-celebrity friends.

The police revealed they had no plans to issue a warrant of arrest for Seungri at the moment. In other news, Seungri had officially submitted a formal request to delay his enlistment today.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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