Police Confirms Employee Of Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attempted To Sell BTS Jungkook’s Hat For A High Price

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A netizen who said he was an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sold a hat at a high price, claiming that it was worn by BTS Jungkook, and it was confirmed that it was a hat that Jungkook actually lost.

According to the police on November 7, Seocho Police Station in Seoul received a response from HYBE earlier this month, saying, “It is true that Jungkook lost his hat at the place (the National Diplomatic Center Passport Department).”

The police completed an investigation of suspect A, a former Foreign Ministry employee, and A reportedly admitted to all the charges.

A police official said, “We are investigating, but we are reviewing the legal principles for specific crimes.

A is accused of uploading a photo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “public official ID” and a sales post titled “A hat worn by BTS Jungkook himself ” on a used trading site on October 17.

A said, “BTS left it in the waiting space when they visited the passport department in top-secret to make a passport,” and offered a sale price of 10 million won ($7,000).

A also claimed, “The acquirer (seller) acquired ownership because there were no calls or visits for six months after reporting about the lost property. It was quite a usable bucket hat since Jungkook used it himself. It’s something you can’t get even if you pay for it. He is a world-famous singer, so the value of his collection is expected to increase further.

However, according to the National Police Agency, it was confirmed that there were no reports of lost and found property.

Since then, as the controversy escalated, the post has been deleted. A also claimed that they had already resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to a furious posting saying “I will report.

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