PLEDIS Entertainment Issues Yet Another Statement Warning Sasaengs From Invading SEVENTEEN’s Privacy

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PLEDIS Entertainment has issued a new statement addressing some sasaengs [obessive so-called fans] invading SEVENTEEN’s privacy.

After releasing a fan etiquette guideline in October of this year, they have followed up with another statement warning from the invasion the group has been receiving.

Read their statement below!

Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support for SEVENTEEN.

Despite the release of previous notices, we are still witnessing continuous unauthorized entering into artists’ private spaces other than venues officially announced as SEVENTEEN’s official activity (living spaces, hotels, hair and make-up shops etc.) and invasion of artists’ privacy within the airport’s security zones.

There have been severe cases of invasion of privacy especially during the recent tour, such as waiting at the artists’ hotel, trying to break and enter the hotel room, coming excessively close to the artist and attempting to make conversation during their travel within the airport security zones including inside the aircrafts. Such repeated actions are inflicting mental pain on the artists.

Not only those engaging in such behaviors be perpetually blacklisted from participating in all fan activities related to SEVENTEEN without a prior warning, but our company will also take necessary legal actions against them using the evidence we have collected through CCTV footage and monitoring initiatives.

We will continue to strive to create a healthy fan culture and protect the safety and rights of our artists. We promise that we will take strongest measures possible to any actions that violate their rights.

We ask for our fans’ cooperation.

Thank you.”

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