Platform UNIVERSE Terminates Its Contract With THE BOYZ + Agency Says There Were No Prior Discussions

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It has been alleged that UNIVERSE, a global fandom platform operated by NCSOFT, unilaterally terminated its contract with THE BOYZ.

Platform UNIVERSE announced the termination of the contract with THE BOYZ through a public notice on October 28. According to the announcement, private messages available through paid subscriptions as well as Planet will be terminated. Fans expressed dissatisfaction with the sudden announcement, and their agency IST Entertainment posted an explanation of the situation.

The agency explained on October 28, “We have not received a clear response even though we have continuously inquired NCSOFT about the renewal of UNIVERSE a month before the end of the contract, and we got to know about the notice of ‘end of service’ that was uploaded at 6 o’clock today. The announcement of ‘THE BOYZ Private Message Service Termination and Planet Use Notice’ through UNIVERSE APP is a notice made without prior consultation with the company and we are currently trying to understand the situation.

Meanwhile, UNIVERSE is a K-pop entertainment platform ambitiously launched by NCSOFT. It drew attention by recording 20 million downloads within 10 months of the service launch.

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