“Peak Time” Contestant Kim Hyun Jae Dropped Out From The Show After Being Accused Of School Violence

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JTBC’s “Peak Time” production team has decided to drop out contestant Kim Hyun Jae, who has been caught up in allegations of school violence.

On March 13, the “Peak Time” production team announced in an official statement that they have decided to drop out Kim Hyun Jae after a discussion since this matter will take longer to conclude.

Earlier, the production team of “Peak Time” said in an official statement on March 9,

“First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our viewers who love and support ‘Peak Time.’
In addition, we would like to address the allegations of school violence that have been raised against Kim Hyun Jae. We believe it is our duty to inform our viewers of what we have learned so far.

Firstly, our production team has no intention of condoning school violence, and we are carefully investigating the facts to ensure that no one becomes a victim of unjust accusations.
Therefore, it may take some time to reach a conclusion. Currently, both sides have conflicting claims, and our production team is unable to make a clear conclusion based solely on the memories and claims of each side.

Therefore, we are making our best effort to verify the facts by interviewing Kim Hyun-jae’s middle school homeroom teacher, subject teachers, acquaintances, and local police officers who were present at the time.”

However, Kim Hyun Jae eventually stepped down from the program. With the show having little to look forward to, the controversy only rose as the issue of school violence was added, and the production team seems to have arranged to drop him off after discussing it with Kim Hyun Jae. However, apart from the controversy over school violence, “Peak Time” has the task of overcoming the situation where even its presence is lacking. Although it attracted attention in the beginning, it has not been able to produce stages and results that viewers and fans can focus on.

The following is the full official position of the “Peak Time” production crew:

“This is JTBC’s “Peak Time” production crew.

The production team tried to carefully identify the facts so that there would be no victims in the issue, where the two sides had conflicting claims.

Today, the production team decided that Kim Hyun Jae will be dropped out of the program after a discussion, judging that it was not an issue that could be clearly concluded in a short period of time.

Even at this moment, all participants are working hard to prove their worth and protect the team. Please support all teams who challenge with hope, and our production team will also do our best to show a good performance until the end.
Thank you.”

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