Park Min Young Says That It Was Not An Easy Year During Speech At The 2022 Asian Artist Awards

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Park Min Young, who made her first official appearance at the awards ceremony after breaking up with her boyfriend, is gaining attention from the fans.

Actress Park Min Young won the Best Artist Award along with Han So Hee and Seo In Guk in the actor category at the 2022 Asian Artist Awards in Japan held at Nihongai City Hall in Nagoya, Japan on December 13.

On this day, Park Min Young said,

This year was not easy for me. From now on, I will work harder and become an actor who doesn’t disappoint. I will keep my promise.”

Park Min Young got caught up in rumors of a romantic relationship with the wealthy K in September. Since then, various controversies have continued after suspicions arose that K is a mysterious financial man. Park Min Young’s side immediately ended the speculations by drawing a line, saying, “I broke up with K.” Since then, the aftermath has continued, with Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment being raided, which is unusual for the entertainment industry.

Despite this situation, Park Min Young recently made her first official appearance at the venue after finishing the drama tvN’s “Love In Contract,” and has continued her activities by attending the awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, “2022 AAA” was hosted by Leeteuk and Wonyoung. Many A-list idols and actors attended including SEVENTEEN, THE BOYZ, Stray Kids, ITZY, Treasure, IVE, Kepler, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, Pentagon, KARD, Nmixx, Tempest, Alexa, CRAVITY, TFN, and others.

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