Park Bom’s Agency Responds To Rumors Of Their Artist’s Health Issues After Recent Performance Gains Attention

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Singer Park Bom’s agency has addressed the health issues rumors surfacing online after her changed appearance.

Park Bom recently performed at the stage of “Pop Star Festival 2022” in Manila, Philippines. On this day, Park Bom performed in a black dress, and Park Bom’s performance recorded by local fans drew attention online.

In particular, Park Bom looks chubbier than before. It was known that she had succeeded in dieting, which made everyone wonder about this condition. At the same time, rumors regarding health issues have also surfaced.

In response, an official from Park Bom’s agency, D-Nation, told Exports News on October 24, “There is no problem with Park Bom’s health. She is currently exercising for a diet. It hasn’t been long since she started exercising.

Meanwhile, Park Bom debuted as 2NE1 in 2009 and is currently a solo artist. Her single “Flower” was released in March.

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