Park Bom says she is now signed under “YG The Black Label” which also houses Zion T

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Finally, it seem like Park Bom is no longer a free agent.

The former 2ne1 member only yesterday hinted at her pending comeback through a photo on twitter.

This photo got fans excited until she answered a fan’s tweet and told the fan to ask a YG producer called Teddy.

Teddy is a huge YG producer, he has worked on so many hit song for 2ne1 and also worked with Bigbang.

He has established his own sub-agency under YG called “The Black Label”, so fans were assuming that she’s now under that label.

Today, she has finally confirmed this through a tweet, here is the screenshot:

“The Black Label” houses Zion T as well, who is a very popular and successful R&B artist. Fans were very happy when Bom cleared the confusion up.

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