Park Bom Reveals Exciting Details About Her Comeback, Reveals Fandom Name

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Gather up 2NE1 fans, I have a lot of good news to share with you!

On March 1st, Park Bom held a V Live broadcast. During the broadcast, she revealed a lot of exciting new information about her highly anticipated return to the music industry.

She revealed the fandom name will be “BOMSHELL,” it is supposed to symbolize the fandom of Park Bom as her shell that protects her from all harm.

She also added the song title will be “Spring” (which is also featuring Dara). She also added she would be attending music shows with Dara. The shooting for the music video is already over, pre-orders will be available on March 4th and teasers will roll out starting March 6.

Park Bom is coming back on March 13 which marks her first solo single 8 years after she released “Don’t Cry” back in 2011 and her first release since 2016 following 2NE1 goodbye song.

This will be her first comeback after signing with D-Nation in summer of 2018.

Brave Brothers is producing the song.

Unfortunately, the V Live broadcast hasn’t been reuploaded.

Who’s excited?

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  1. Bom’s fans have always been called Bomshells since her 2NE1 days…. kinda late, but ok. I can’t wait for the 2 fake maknaes to be on stage together again! Ssan Park! Fighting!!!!

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