Park Bom Asked About YG And Seungri’s Controversy, Becomes Uncomfortable And Emotional

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Park Bom has finally made her grand return to the Kpop world with her new single “Spring” which marks her first solo release since 2011 and her first release since 2NE1 goodbye song after their disbandment announcement.

Fans have been waiting for this grand moment for a while and are finally happy Park Bom is back. However, her previous link to YG Entertainment brought about some unpleasant awkward questions.

A reporter who was interviewing her during her comeback showcase asked questions that infuriated both netizens and international fans.

The reporter asked her about what she thought of the recent controversies surrounding Seungri and YG Entertainment. Park Bom was taken aback by the question, but she graceful answered,

“I had a lot of work and only recently learned about the scandals. Since its my former label, there is really nothing I can say.”

Fans noticed that Park Bom’s face, she got slightly emotional and had sad look on her face answering those questions.

However, the reporter didn’t stop there and asked her about her thoughts on Seungri’s departure from YG and his retirement from the Kpop industry. Again, Park Bom gracefully answered,

“I really don’t think there is anything I can say about this matter.”

Park Bom used to be a part of YG Entertainment until the agency announced 2NE1’s disbandment back in 2016, they also added Park Bom parted ways with them and didn’t renew her contract.

She has left YG a little over two years ago, however, the reporter asked her about this since she used to be a part of the agency and had a friendly relationship with Seungri and the rest of BIGBANG members.

Both netizens and international fans weren’t happy about the reporter’s questions, some called him unprofessional for asking her about such a serious matter she has nothing to do with at her highly anticipated comeback showcase.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

WOW! Until these issues with Seungri, JJY and others wrap up it looks like we’re going to hear a lot about idols being linked to them or asked about them.

This was insensitive on the reporter’s part. She seemed uncomfortable to hear those questions but it also looked like she kinda expected it. I love how professional she reacted to the questions.

I just have one small wish during this difficult time, can people just stop making assumptions and linking innocent idols to those who are either accused or being investigated? That would be great; we don’t want innocent idols to be ruined simply because they knew one of these people or took a photo with them once.

Jesus, I hope to see the end of this….

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