Park Bo Gum Chosen As The Brand Ambassador Of Global Skincare Brand BIOTHERM

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Actor Park Bo Gum has been selected as the brand ambassador of BIOTHERM, a global skincare brand.

On January 2, BIOTHERM unveiled a campaign pictorial for “Aqua Power Advanced Gel Lotion,” marking the first start of the new year with their brand model Park Bo Gum.

In the released pictorial, Park Bo Gum is showing off his masculine side as well as beauty with his deep eyes. The pictorial is receiving enthusiastic responses from fans right after it was released. The pictorial showcases the actor’s unrivaled atmosphere of his boyish charm and masculinity coexist. He completes a perfect pictorial with his unique refreshing charm and healthy skin that shines even in natural light, and his all-time chemistry with ” BIOTHERM ” raises expectations for his future Ambassador activities.

The brand said, “Actor Park Bo Gum’s clear and healthy image fits well with the brand, so we decided to join hands with Park Bo Gum as BIOTHERM model. We will showcase various campaigns for the sustainable beauty of BIOTHERM with Park Bo Gum, so please pay a lot of attention.”

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