P-Nation Revealed To Be Under Investigation Due To Venue Worker’s Death

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Police are now investigating P-Nation due to the worker’s death at a Summer Swag concert.

According to media reports on September 3, P-Nation’s office was raided by the Ministry of Employment and Labor on August 25 to investigate the death of an unidentified Mongolian worker in his twenties.

Previously, it was revealed that a Mongolian man in his 20s fell 20 meters (around 22 yards) while he was working on removing a light tower that had been installed for the stadium show that happened the prior day. At the time, P-Nation issued a statement and said, “We will do our best to take care of the last path of the deceased. In addition, we will take a responsible attitude and come up with countermeasures and prevent recurrence to prevent this from happening anymore.”

According to the newly released reports, its being alleged that the worker was not given the necessary safety equipment despite the rough weather. If this is proven to be true, then it means that P-Nation has violated the Industrial Safety and Health Act. A search and seizure was issued by The Ministry of Employment and Labor on charges of violating industry safety laws.

An official from the Ministry of Labor explained the reason behind the seizure and search, saying, “It is to check the contractual relationship between the performance agency and the stage installer at the time of the accident and whether they were instructed to implement safety measures related to stage installation.”

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