“Our Blues” Ending Explained- Episode 20 Recap And Review

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Our Blues” has come to a conclusion earlier today, while its sad to see the series wrap up, lets talk about it what happened in the finale.

Our Blues” episode 20 recap

did Kang Ok-Dong pass away?

Yes. Throughout “Our Blues” episode 20, Kang Ok-Dong and her son Lee Dong-Seok travel around as he fulfills wishes for her before her passing. Despite their trip being so rocky and filled with ups and downs, it ends with them making up and with the mother explaining that she screwed up so bad because she allowed him to be hurt by her actions. She thought giving her son three meals a day was enough but caused him so much harm with her actions or lack there of as time went by.

Lee Dong-Seok’s heart also softens and he ends up calming down and making up with his mother. When she passes away, he had come to her come to have a home-made meal for the first time since forever, but when he arrived she had passed away.

He hugged her and cried his eyes out. In voiceover, he says he didn’t hate her after all and only wanted to embrace and hug her like he did.

Did Park Ki-Jun and Byeol-I end up dating?

Yes, they ended up dating.

what happens between Lee Dong-Seok and Min Seon-A?

Its hinted that Lee Dong-Seok and Min Seon-A do end up dating. Min Seon-A brings her son to the home Lee Dong-Seok has been fixing and she also meets his mother who is so happy to see her. Lee Dong-Seok introduces her as the woman he likes.

He also talks to Min Seon-A’s son and builds a good relationship with him as seen in their photos riding horses together.

Is Min Seon-A able to get custody of her child?

It was not clarified properly but it seems that her ex-husband trusts her more with her child now.

What happens between Bang Yeong-Ju and Jung Hyeon?

They give birth to a healthy baby daughter. Jung Hyeon still works with his father at the market.

Did Lee Yeong-Ok meet Park Jeong-Jun’s parents? Did they approve of her?

Early on in “Our Blues” episode 20, Lee Yeong-Ok meets Park Jeong-Jun’s parents who appear very aloof and uncaring, however, when they sit down for a meal. His mother tells her to eat and sheds tears when she talks about how she must have suffered after the death of her parents and having to care for her sister. The father also welcomes her to the family and tells her to come to him in case his son does something that upsets her.

How did “Our Blues” end?

“Our Blues” ends with the entire cast, main and supportive, meeting up for the unity athletic meet where the compete against another team they’ve been losing against for two years.

Min Seon-A also comes and joins the team. The team wins.

Our Blues” episode 20 review

“Our Blues” has definitely been a fun drama. I had a good time watching it, a lot more than I had expected going in. I know some people were a bit let down or disappointed but personally, I really appreciate the drama.

I appreciate how it tastefully tackled so many societal issues without sounding too preachy or pretentious. Screenwriters No Hee Kyung definitely did well this time. This might be my 2nd favorite drama by her. “Its okay that love” still holds a special place in my heart and is no.1 but this drama is also so well written. I liked the way the characters were written and found she actually did her best to give each and every single one of them the depth they deserved.

Its a slow-paced well-made kdrama. Personally speaking, this is one of the best-written kdramas of 2022. The year has been lackluster so I am glad we have such a gem. I think its a bit underrated among international kdrama fans. I expected more buzz but I get why it didn’t happen. I think expectations for some didn’t match the reality.

All of the cast of “Our Blues” did so well, I am proud of all of you.

So these are my thoughts on our blues, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. But why couldn’t she apologise?
    Child abuse. Sugar coated and downplayed as oh I wanted 3 meals a day for you and an education. Ugh.

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