One Of The Most Underrated Boy Groups Finally Take Their 1st Music Show Win Three Years After Debut

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It has finally happened!

On November 12, VICTON took home their first music show award since their debut. They were among the nominees for the number trophy on today’s episode of SBS MTV “The Show.”

VICTON has made their comeback as a six-member group on November 4 with the mini-album “Nostalgia,” it marked their first comeback following their career surge due to their participation in Produce X 101. Since their participation in that show, they gained many new fans who showed interest in their group, this had helped them become more known to many Kpop fans around the world.

They celebrated their 3rd year anniversary a couple of days ago; they debuted on November 9, 2016. It took them three years to finally get their first award show win, fans couldn’t be happier.

The members thanked their CEO, the makeup team, the staff and their fans for their award. Byungchan also mentioned Seungwoo expressing how he had wished he was here to witness their group first win. Seungwoo is currently exclusively promoting with X1 thus he was unable to join his group comeback.

Following their first music show win, fans trended the hashtag #VICTON1stwin, its currently the number one trending hashtag worldwide, fans are celebrating the huge milestone.

You can check out their full speech below:

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Congrats VICTON!

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  1. I just got into them with their song ‘nostalgic night’ and I’m so so happy for them!! I hope the get more wins and gain more fans in the future 🙂

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