[BREAKING] One FTISLAND Member Leaves The Group After Contract Expiring + Another Member Confirms Military Enlistment Plans

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Big changes are coming for one of the most well-known senior rock groups in the Kpop industry.

FNC Entertainment has released two statements on December 24 with the first being an announcement about the contract renewals of FTISLAND members.

Here is their official statement:

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We have recently re-signed our contracts with Lee Hong Ki, Lee Jae Jin, and Choi Min Hwan of FTISLAND.

Regarding the future direction of the group, it will be discussed after all the members complete their military enlistment. We will do our best to support FTISLAND members so they can continue with their music activities and expand in different fields that bring out their individual strengths.”

They also explained that member Song Seung Hyun has decided to end his activities with the group upon his exclusive contract expiration date, it will end on December 31st. He has decided to leave the group and the agency. FNC stated that Song Seung Hyun plans on concentrating on acting following the end of his contract.

They concluded,

“We have come to this decision after long and deep discussions not only with the agency but with other members as well.”

They asked for fans to give their warm support to Song Seung Hyun as he embarks on a new journey.

FTISLAND has lost two members in 2019, with the first being its former leader who left the group, the agency and the entertainment agency after the kakaochat controversy, he’s currently serving prison sentence for his crimes.

But that’s not the only news FNC shared with fans today. Reports also emerged on December 24 stating that Lee Jae Jin is set to enlist in January. FNC confirmed the news in a statement to the press, Lee Jae Jin will enlist on January 21, 2020, he will serve as an active-duty soldier.

He is the second member to enlist following Lee Hong Ki, he will hold his “2020 Lee Jae Jin’s Dinner Show without Dinner” fan meeting on January 11, 2020 ahead of his enlistment, it’ll also be his first fan meeting since his debut in 2007.

Are you surprised by the news?

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