OMEGA X Opens New Instagram Account Following News Of Psychical And Verbal Abuse By CEO+ Says They Wanted To Cry Because Of Unfair Treatment By Agency And More

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Members of the group OMEGA X have opened a new account on Instagram and thanked the fans for supporting them while lightly addressing the controversy and the hardships they went through because of their agency.

OMEGA X members opened a new social media account on November 6 and said,

“We created this small space for communication to say thank you to the fans who love us and to those who support us, and to let you know the current situation through our mouths.
We have written a memorandum saying, ‘If you upload SNS without consulting with the company, you have to take civil and criminal responsibility,’ so we ask for a deep understanding of our communication with fans until we clear our position on Spire Entertainment.
We had a happy time until now after the group activities, but we also had a painful time. When our loss became known to the world this time, we were worried that what we’d achieved so far would go up in smoke.
However, now we decided to put our fears behind us and gather courage together. The only driving force that allowed us to challenge ourselves without giving up our dreams was the fans who waited for us, trusted us, and supported us.
Thanks to the fans, we were able to last two years. There were days when we were treated unfairly by our agency to the point where we wanted to cry, but remembering the cheers from our fans and watching the cheering messages while going to sleep was the only strength that kept us going.
We will continue to run toward our dreams as we do now. We will stand in front of our fans again with good music and performances. 11 members with the same goal and fans with the same dream as us are the most precious things in the world that we don’t want to lose again.”

The members did not elaborate on their plans in the post, but they are expected to actively respond to the behavior of the entertainment officials they claimed to be unfair towards them in the future.

OMEGA X is an 11-member group that debuted with their album “VAMOS” in June last year. All of the members have experience in audition programs and debuts. With this OMEGA X, the members took a second chance.

A netizen who previously said he was a fan of OMEGA X claimed that the members were verbally abused and assaulted by the agency’s CEO in Los Angeles (LA) on October 22(local time). It was the day when OMEGA X wrapped up its 2022 world tour “Connect: Don’t Give Up” performance.

As the rumor continued, Spire Entertainment made an official statement and explained, “We solved all the misunderstandings.” However, since then, various revelations have been made. The production company of the web drama “Comfort the Boy,” starring Kim Jae Han and Shin Ye Chan, members of OMEGA X, expressed great regret and sympathy for the OMEGA X incident, saying, “If there was anything lacking in the treatment of the members, we sincerely support and hope this will get better.”

Hoping the members are safe!

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