OMEGA X Members Reveal Why CEO Snapped And Say Agency Forced Members Infected With COVID-19 To Perform And Hide It + Agency Comments

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It has been reported that members of the group OMEGA X, who were alleged to have been verbally and physically abused by their agency’s CEO have finally made a statement against their CEO saying they will no longer stay with the agency and new revelations have been revealed that will break your heart.

Members of the group OMEGA X, who have been claimed to have suffered from psychical and verbal abuse by their agency’s CEO, responded by saying,

We can no longer stay with the agency.”

The members claimed that they now suffer from mental health damage caused by CEO Kang several times, but the company was eager to acquiesce them.

After performing in LA, the last region of the U.S. tour, on October 22, OMEGA X members were verbally abused by CEO Kang, he said,

I treated you humanely, but I have lost my initial commitment. Payback the 1 billion won ($754,000) in debt to the company and leave.”

The reason why CEO Kang was angry that day was that the members did not sincerely read the thank you notes on the prompter (subtitle exposure) on the concert stage and did not express their gratitude to her and the company.

On this day, CEO Kang grabbed Jaehan, a member who showed panic symptoms, dragged him by grabbing his collar from the hotel lobby, and knocked him down on the floor.

When the video of the scene was reported by the media through the fans who witnessed the scene at the time, CEO Kang rather shifted the responsibility to the members.

The newly released report claims that only did she cancel all the members’ flight tickets to Korea, but she was restrained by the local police for making a fuss by roughly treating the members of the group including Jaehan until the dawn of the next day.

Hwang, the co-chairman of the agency, said, “I know that Kang’s actions are wrong.”

At the same time, he pressed the members, saying, “I can’t allow group action. Ill-membered OMEGA X. There will be a bloodbath when you come back to Korea.”

The members of OMEGA X claimed, “CEO Kang’s overuse of power is not limited to only overseas tours.”

One member confessed,

CEO Kang called me at dawn and talked for 1 to 2 hours even when it was not practice time. If she keeps sending Kakao Talk messages and someone doesn’t answer them, she becomes very angry. My panic symptoms worsened due to this.”

When the manager avoided Kang’s contact on behalf of the member at the scene, CEO Kang verbally abused the member and the manager by ordering, “get off the plane right away.”

In addition, it was alleged that OMEGA X’s agency forced members to go on stage hiding their COVID-19 infection during an overseas tour.

CEO Kang and Chairman Hwang found out on September 28 that four members who suffered from high fever tested positive for COVID-19 through a self-diagnosis kit test, but are also reportedly suspected of hiding the infection and forcing them to go to the tour performance the next day, saying, “Arm your will power.

It is known that the two members infected with COVID-19 rehearsed for the performance, but did not eventually go on stage due to high fever. At that time, there was a seven-day quarantine guideline in countries where the performance was held.

It is known that four members of OMEGA X are receiving psychiatric treatment for panic, anxiety, and insomnia.

An official from Spire Entertainment told SBS entertainment news reporters, expressing that there was nothing else to deal with now by saying,

The company officially apologized, and the CEO in question resigned to take responsibility for this.”

They did not respond to the allegations that they tried to cover up the members’ COVID-19 infection and conduct overseas tour performances.

Meanwhile, Spire Entertainment sent 11 members a statement of settlement of KRW 300 million ($226,000) to KRW 400 million ($302,000) per person on November 10.

Hoping for the members’ safety!

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  1. I think that they have every right to leave that company. I would hope that SM entrainment would sign the boys. I think they would do good SM Entertainment.

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