Fans In Shock After This Oh My Girl Member Departs The Group And Agency After The Conclusion Of Her Contract

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Oh My Girl will be reorganized as a six-member group.

Oh My Girl is among the kpop groups with their contracts expiring this year. The group made their debut in 2015 with the mini-album “Oh My Girl.”

On May 9, WM Entertainment announced the news via an official statement. They stated that they have renewed the exclusive contracts with the six members of Oh My Girl, Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Yoo Bin (formerly known as Binnie), and Arin. They stated they will do their best to support the members in future activities.

However, member Jiho has decided not to renew her contract with the agency, they stated, “we will respect Jiho’s decision to head towards her new dream.” The decision was reached after having many in-depth discussions with the members and Jiho.

Moving forward, The six members will continue to promote together as Oh My Girl.

The news shocked fans but since the agency didn’t explicitly say Jiho had departed the group, some still hoped she might be able to take part in group activities in the future. However, these speculations were shut down by Jiho herself.

Shortly after the news was released, Jiho uploaded a handwritten letter to fans confirming her departure from Oh My Girl. She said,

“In the future, I’ll be supporting Oh My Girl’s activities as a member of MIRACLE [the group’s fandom name], not as a member of Oh My Girl.”

Jiho thanked fans for the love and support over the past seven years. She says while she can’t tell fans about the details of her future activities yet, she promises them to work hard and deliver good work.

Oh My Girl celebrated their 7th debut anniversary on April 30.

Wishing Jiho and Oh My Girl all the best moving forward!

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