‘The Big 3 Privilege’? The Jaw-Dropping Number Of Debut Album Pre-orders For JYP’s Unknown Upcoming Girl Group Revealed

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You will not believe how much JYP’s upcoming girl group has scored in debut album pre-order.

JYP entertainment had previously revealed that they plan on debuting a new girl group in 2022. Along with the announcement, they unveiled something that has raised eyebrows in the K-pop community, they announced the release of a limited edition package titled the “Blind Package.”

This package includes the group’s debut single in the form of a limited-edition CD, as well as a photo book, photo card, poster, premium membership card, and more.

The package is only available for pre-sale from July 16 to 25. The unorthodox marketing methods received mixed responses from fans with many people pointing out how absurd it would be to order an album from a group that has yet to even show their faces to the public.

However, it turns out that a lot of people are already excited about JYP new girl group considering their track record at producing hit girl groups.

On July 22, JYP Entertainment announced that the “Blind Package” has reached 39,545 pre-orders in just five days, this is not only an impressive figure for a rookie group but is also more remarkable considering the fact that there is no information about the group the members as nothing has been released yet.

Are you looking forward to JYP’s new girl group?

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