NMIXX’s Debut Song “O.O” Climbs Up Korean Music Charts Despite Initial Negative Reception

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NMIXX’s Debut Song “O.O” is climbing up the charts.

Previously, NMIXX made their highly-anticipated debut with their single album “AD MARE” and its title track “O.O” on February 22. Even though the music video had reached 19 million views within the first 24 hours, it garnered a lot of negative feedback from critics and mixed reactions from fans. It was even dubbed one of the worst songs by reputable music review sites.

And the results of the track performance aligned with the general public perception of the song. The song struggled to even chart among the top 100 on Korean charts.

This came as a shock because generally speaking, JYP girl groups do very well on Korean music charts and have done so for as long as fans can remember. When comparing NMIXX’s chart rankings to those of their JYP sunbae girl group debut songs, their song comes out as the worst-performing debut song for a JYP girl group.

Since then, fans have noticed an uptrend in regards to the song. It began to climb up the charts. As of this writing, its No. 66 on Melon Top 100 chart. Its also charting on Bugs, Genie, and more.

Fans cite the group’s live performances, vocals, and skills as the reason. As more people tune in to see the group, many are beginning to appreciate the song more.

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While the track’s performance is still considerably lower than whats expected from a group from the Big 3 labels, fans see potential and hope the track continues to climb up.


What do you think of NMIXX’s Debut Song “O.O”?

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