NMIXX Announces Come Back With Mini-Album “Expérgo” In March

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NMIXX will make a comeback with their first mini-album “Expérgo” on March 20.

On February 10, JYP Entertainment announced the comeback news by releasing album motion posters and teaser images simultaneously on the official SNS channel of NMIXX.

The album name “Expérgo” is a Latin word that means ‘to wake up,’ and is expected to awaken K-pop fans around the world through the new album.

This album is NMIXX’s first mini-album to be released since their debut, and the new teaser content has more new and unique elements. In the album motion poster, the scene where a flower blooms in the heart made of iron in the middle of the desert and begins to beat creates an unfamiliar and mysterious feeling. It also rained on the desert which is called ‘reality’ by them. When the rainbow begins to form, the stopped heart also begins to beat, and flowers bloom in it, raising questions about the new album.

NMIXX proved their differentiated worldview and solid skills through their debut single “AD MARE” and their second single “ENTWURF.”

NMIXX’s first mini-album “Expérgo” will be released at 6 p.m. on March 20.

Are you excited for their comeback?

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