Nine Muses’ Minha Announces Her Marriage With A Personal Letter

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Nine Muses member Minha is getting married.

Minha herself announced her marriage, saying, “I’m getting married in the upcoming May, spring, the season I love.”

She even released her wedding pictorial along with the news of her marriage. The wedding pictorial attracted attention with the handsome visual of her prospective husband, reminiscent of a model. The identity of the prospective husband was not disclosed.

Minha’s full letter is as below:

Hello, I’m Minha.

I have a story that I want to convey with my heart to many people who always support me, so I am writing a handwritten letter after a long letter. I’m getting married in May, spring, which is the season I love.

Meeting him at the end of my 20s, when I was going through a lot of changes, and having been together for the past three years, he helped me discover a side of me I didn’t know, made me smile brightly, and gave me the courage to stand up and move on.

I had written in my diary about who I should do it with if I get married someday.

When I happened to read the diary, I found each and every one of them in this person. I’m going to take a new step in Act 2 of my life with someone who came to me like a gift.

As soon as I turned 20, I debuted as Minha, a member of Nine Muses, and received a lot of love and support while sharing my daily life on the Sososaso channel that I started at 29.

It was a very happy and thankful time to share a lot of affection with each other in shining times. Thanks to your warm support, I always want to be a better person.

I will continue to deliver good energy as a friend who shares a piece of your youth and small stories in your daily life.

I think it’ll be a happier start if you send me your warm support for my new start. You’re going to congratulate me a lot, right?

It’s still very cold. Be careful not to catch a cold and have a happy day!

Thank you.


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