Newlyweds T-ara’s Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun Enjoy Their Honeymoon In The Maldives

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T-ara‘s Jiyeon and baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun enjoyed their honeymoon in the Maldives.

On December 16th, Hwang Jae Gyun posted a short video saying, “Don’t worry, you’re well on my back.”

In the video, Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun are seen enjoying their honeymoon in the Maldives. Hwang Jae Gyun seemed excited to carry his wife Jiyeon on his back so easily.

But in the next turn, Jiyeon carried Hwang Jae Gyun on her back, making her laugh.

Hwang Jae Gyun married Jiyeon, a member of the group T-ara, on December 10th. After the wedding, Jiyeon said, “December 10, 2022. I’m grateful for the wedding with the blessings of many people. Thank you so much for coming to the wedding even though you were busy. Even though you couldn’t come to the wedding, thank you to everyone who congratulated us from afar. I also express my sincere gratitude to the many people who helped us with our marriage! I will cherish this feeling in my heart, this happiness for the rest of my life and live a pretty and happy life. Thank you again to everyone.”


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