NewJeans Become The First Artist To Top Melon Chart For 10 Consecutive Weeks

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NewJeans has set a new record, the first of its kind for kpop groups!

‘Ditto’ by NewJeans topped the Melon Weekly Chart announced on February 27th. Since its release on December 19 of last year, ‘Ditto’ has maintained the No. 1 position for 70 days without missing a single day.

‘Ditto’ set a record for 10 consecutive weeks at Melon, which boasts the largest share of the domestic music market. This is the first time since the launch of the Melon service in November 2004.

Around the mid-2000s, the Korean music market faced a major change. At the time, the music market was rapidly declining, and music chart performance became a measure of popular box office success. Since then, there have been several top-notch popular artists of the time who were called ‘digital music powerhouses’, but there was no song that kept the Melon throne for 10 consecutive weeks.

New Jeans’ ‘Ditto’ was ranked #1 on Bugs as well as Melon for 10 consecutive weeks. The second and third spots on the Melon and Bugs weekly charts are also NewJeans’ single album title song ‘OMG’ and debut song ‘Hype boy’. It is the 6th consecutive week that their songs have swept the 1st to 3rd places on the three major music sites in Korea.

Another debut song by NewJeans, ‘Attention’, ranked 6th on Melon and Bugs respectively. ‘Hype boy’ and ‘Attention’ are songs that were released more than six months ago. Nevertheless, it stands out that it is still staying at the top of the charts along with the new song.

The popularity of ‘OMG’ and ‘Ditto’ was also prominent on overseas charts. The two songs charted on the US Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100’ for 5 consecutive weeks without any local promotion or activity. ‘OMG’ ranked 15th on the Spotify Global ‘Weekly Top Song’ latest chart.


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