NewJeans Named The Biggest Rookie Group Of 2022 By Survey From 33 Industry Officials From The Biggest Kpop Agencies

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33 industry experts from the biggest entertainment agencies have picked the top rookie groups of 2022, and here are their picks.

This year, the hot topic in the K-pop industry in 2022 was undoubtedly the “new idol showdown.” Groups with impressive skills and charm have appeared one after another in the K-pop industry, heralding a perfect generation shift and officially opening the “4th generation idol” era. So, who is the top new idol selected by K-pop industry experts this year?

Korean media outlet News1 conducted a survey asking experts to name the biggest kpop rookie groups of 2022 as the year-end approached. A total of 33 K-pop industry officials participated in the survey, selecting two teams (or individuals) each.

According to the results of the survey conducted on the 17th of December, K-pop industry officials named NewJeans as the top new idol group of the year. They received a total of 29 votes.

Starship Entertainment girl group IVE made its mark by receiving 21 votes, having achieved the “3 consecutive hits” record this year.

Girl group LE SSERAFIM received 10 votes, coming in close behind. LE SSERAFIM, a rookie group under Source Music, received a good response with its debut song “FEARLESS” in May and its new song “ANTIFRAGILE” released in October. Both “FEARLESS” and “ANTIFRAGILE” recorded four crowns on music ranking programs, solidifying LE SSERAFIM’s presence in the public eye.

Other groups such as girl group NMIXX and boy groups ATBO and TEMPTEST also earned one vote each.

The list is as follows:

  1. NewJeans (29 votes)
  2. IVE (21 votes)
  3. LE SSERAFIM (10 votes)
  4. ATBO, NMIXX, TEMPTEST (1 vote or more)

News1 also revealed the names of the 33 representatives of the popular music industry who responded to the survey. Their names are below! (in alphabetical order)

  1. Go Ki-ho, President (InnexTrend)
  2. Kim Sang-ho, President (JYP Entertainment)
  3. Kim Sook-kyung, President (Jellyfish Entertainment)
  4. Kim Yong-seop, Director of Business (FNC Entertainment)
  5. Kim Ji-won, President (SM Entertainment)
  6. Kim Jin-woo, CEO (RBW)
  7. Kim Tae-yeop, Vice President (Connect)
  8. No Young-yeol, President (Amoeba)
  9. No Hyeon-tae, CEO (Thinking Entertainment)
  10. Park Moo-sung, CEO (We are Entertainment)
  11. Park Yong-bok, President (Wake One)
  12. Bang Jae-hyuk, President (KQ Entertainment)
  13. Baek Chang-ju, CEO (C-JeS Entertainment)
  14. Shin Min-kyung, President (Tioop Media)
  15. Shin Joo-hak, CEO (Star Empire)
  16. Woo Cheong-rim, Head (Ulrim Entertainment)
  17. Won Geun-yeon, President (Marugi Planning)
  18. Wi Myung-hee, CEO (Wi Entertainment)
  19. Yoo Ji-hoon, Team Leader (YG Entertainment)
  20. Yoon Do-yeon, President (Blockberry Creative)
  21. Lee Won-min, CEO (WM Entertainment)
  22. Lee In-gyu, Head (Antenna)
  23. Lee Jae-young, CEO (C9 Entertainment)
  24. Lee Jun-won, Vice President (Abyss Company)
  25. Lee Ji-hyeon, Manager (Starship Entertainment)
  26. Lee Hae-jong, President (DSP Media)
  27. Lee Hyeong-jin, CEO (MLD Entertainment)
  28. Jeon Seung-hwi, Vice President (Cube Entertainment)
  29. Jeong Jin-ho, Manager (Hybe)
  30. Jin Jeong-gyun, President (Grandline Group)
  31. Choi Seong-pil, Vice President (IST Entertainment)
  32. Choi Soo-ri, Head (Brand New Music)
  33. Tiger JK, CEO (Feel Ghood Music)

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