“Where Did You Get Your Nose Done?” NewJeans’ Minji Classy Response To Rude Question Gains Attention

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NewJeansMinji’s response to a rude fan’s question is making headlines!

Recently, in one of the group’s fan sign events, a situation happened that irked fans, but Minji’s response to it gained praise.

One woman said out loud during the event this question, “where did you get your nose done?” to Minji, she also added she’d like to know so she can get her nose done like Minji’s.

Minji then responded with class, “why would unni [referring to the fan] need to get plastic surgery? You’re pretty the way you are now, so don’t touch it”

Minji’s classic response despite her young age has touched fans who praised her for staying composed to such a rude uncalled-for question from a fan who supposedly paid to attend the said event.

Minji’s nose has been a hot topic of discussion among netizens as many questioned whether Minji has gotten any plastic surgery done because of alleged differences some noticed between her photos from when she were a child versus now.

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What do you think of NewJeans’ Minji’s response?

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