NewJeans Makes A Meaningful Donation To Support Hearing-Impaired Children

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NewJeans made a donation to support the hearing impaired.

On December 29th, The Snail of Love (Chairman Kim Min Ja) announced that Ador Co., Ltd. (CEO Min Hee Jin) delivered donations in support of the hearing impaired along with its artist NewJeans.

The donation will be used to support artificial cochlear surgery and speech rehabilitation treatment for the hearing impaired.

The Snail of Love representative said, “Ador and NewJeans prepared this donation with the proceeds from album sales.”

Ador said, “We are happy to participate in the meaningful work of presenting sound and we will make good music so that NewJeans’ music can reach more people.”

Cho Young Woon, secretary-general of Snail of Love, said, “I would like to express my gratitude to Ador and Artist New Jeans for donating for the hearing impaired.”

He then delivered a message of thanks, saying, “We will make sure that the donation is used well for families with hearing-impaired children who cannot receive surgery due to financial difficulties.”

Meanwhile, the Snail of Love is conducting a ‘Sound Fairy’ campaign to support artificial cochlear surgery and speech rehabilitation treatment. The ‘Sound Fairy’ campaign, which runs until the end of January, can be participated on the official website of the Snail of Love, and regular sponsorships of 20,000 Won or more will be presented with a ‘music box’ limited to the sound fairy.


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