Soojin’s Departure From (G)I-DLE Was Predetermined When The Scandal Broke Out, A New Exclusive Report Alleges

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A new exclusive report by Sports kyunghyang is getting backlash from fans for what it alleges happened prior to Soojin’s withdrawal from (G)I-DLE.

The exclusive report quotes multiple entertainment officials who allege that Soojin was confirmed to leave the group around the time the bullying allegations rumors began circulating on the web.

Soojin’s departure is linked to the group activities as her controversy put a halt and cast a dark cloud on the entire team’s activities.

Cube entertainment had previously announced Soojin will be taking a hiatus due to the bullying accusations, despite that, the agency claimed multiple times that the allegations were false and even sued malicious commenters back in February.

According to the report, (G)I-DLE had attempted to push ahead with the group activities releasing a song through Universe, but the group was unable to continue their activities due to Soojin’s controversy. Since then, the group members have been focused on their individual activities.

The report goes into details about how (G)I-DLE was the flagship group for Cube and how their album and concert tickets sales led to the agency’s growth last year, they add,

“The members and the company have realized that they can no longer postpone their group activities due to Soojin’s controversy.”

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Netizens are showing mixed responses to report, what do you think of it?

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