Netizens Furious After Finding Out The Golden Disk Awards Excluded X1 And IZ*ONE From The Evaluation Committee

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K-netizens are not happy with the Golden Disk Awards explanation for excluding X1 and IZ*ONE from the results of the judges for its 34th award show.

The 34th Golden Disc Awards were held on January 4, the first day honors the digital releases of the past year. Only songs released between October 2018 and October 2019 were eligible for this year’s digital awards. The 34th Golden Disc Awards explained how they chose winners in an official statement.

The 34th Golden Disc Awards gathered sales and usage data from Gaon Chart until December. The winners were determined according to on the song’s usage data (60%) and an evaluation by a panel of experts (40%).

Fans were curious why X1 and IZ*ONE didn’t win any awards despite ruling the charts with their releases in 2019. X1 was also called powerful rookies for breaking so many records and achieving amazing sales with their debut album despite the ongoing backlash due to the vote-rigging controversy. Both groups were nominated for awards at the 34th Golden Disc Awards.

K-netizens didn’t like it when the 34th Golden Disc Awards explained that the two groups were in fact excluded from the first and second rounds of the Executive Committee’s evaluations due to Mnet staff members getting indicted for rigging the Produce series votes, the 34th Golden Disc Awards explained that it not right to judge groups that weren’t formed properly due to this controversy.

The committee commented,

“It wasn’t right to judge teams that were unlawfully formed as nominees, so X1 and IZ*ONE were excluded from the list.”

This infuriated k-netizens who believe X1 and IZ*ONE don’t deserve to be treated like criminals when they were kids who were also victims of Mnet’s huge controversy. Mnet had even asked people to not hurt both groups who are victims as well.

Many netizens heavily criticized the award show for including X1 and IZ*ONE in the nominees’ list at the beginning if that was how they thought of both groups.

X1 and IZ*ONE continue to suffer due to Mnet controversy when they, in fact, as trainees only dreamt of debuting had no say in what happens to them.

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What do you think of this issue? Do you understand the 34th Golden Disc Awards point of view?

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