Netizens Find ‘Damming Evidence’ That Confirms BTS’s Jin And LABOUM’s Solbin Are Dating

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In today’s shocking unbelievable news, BTS’s Jin and LABOUM’s Solbin are in the news again, netizens believe the two are dating and found those mind-boggling evidence and apparently link them together.

On August 30, BTS’s Jin and LABOUM’s Solbin joined their groups for a recording of Mnet’s M! Countdown. It is a custom that idols share backstage photos on social media accounts, there was one photo that really stood out and got netizens talking.

The hand gestures of both Jin and Solbin differ from their groups and are similar. So netizens thought it makes sense to draw a connection. They both opted for different hand gestures that are similar and different from their group members.

Some netizens say that the two must’ve coordinated the gesture; others say that it spikes interest because the two are so close; Solbin previously used informal language with Jin. Some fans begged that the two try not to make it too obvious.

In case you don’t remember, this isn’t the first time Jin and Solbin have been linked together. Previously, fans caused an uproar when they found that Solbin used informal language backstage at a music show.

Some more logical people called this damming evidence ‘ridiculous’ asking why would anyone in their right mind believe the two are dating because of innocent hand gestures.

What do you think of this?

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