Netizens Criticize Hyorin For Posting This Photo To Her Instagram

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In what’s angering netizens today, we have the former SISTAR member Hyorin to talk about.

On February 25, Hyorin posted a sexy boomerang to her Instagram. She’s wearing a lace bra posing with bread and loaf.

While international fans commented on her great looks some netizens weren’t so kind. On various articles that posted the photos, Hyorin was criticized and called cheap by netizens for posing in a bra.


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Here are some of netizens comments:

[+619, -79] She’s so hopeless, she looks cheap…

+409, -37] Why is she like this, tsk tsk. And such a good singer, too.

[+300, -25] Did she change her concept, why is she like this lately..

[+116, -10] She could do nothing and just sing and still hit above average every time, why is she so obsessed with stripping down and crawling on the floor ㅜㅜㅜ what a shame

[+68, -10] She seems to be delusional enough to think that she’s super pretty and sexy

[+55, -11] It’s for a pictorial ㅡㅡ why would you hate on her for that? tsk tsk, pathetic

What do you think of her look? Do you agree or disagree with netizens?

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