Netizens Continue To Call ITZY’s Chaeryeong Ugly Despite Her Mother’s Plea To The Public

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Credit: Nate

The topic of ITZY’s Chaeryeong looks was trending on Korean news sites because of her mother’s plea to the public.

Her mother had written a post pleading with netizens to stop calling her little daughter ugly. However, it seems that despite the mother’s plea some netizens are still critical of the way she looks.

A recent article about ITZY’s Chaeryeong on her way to Mnet’s “MCountdown” featured the idol’s face in a photo, netizens, again, weren’t kind in the comments, here are some of their comments (credit Netizenbuzz):

  •  [+581, -50] I don’t even know who your unni is, man
  • [+514, -202] Well she doesn’t have an idol face
  • [+480, -140] Her face looks mad ㅎ
  • [+74, -33] She looks like that Japanese monkey with the long nose
  • [+68, -46] Ugly
  • [+55, -11] Don’t leave all these comments, guys, her mom’s going to come chase you again
  • [+37, -2] Faces like hers are usually super talented vocals
  • [+32, -9] If she looks like this even after professional styling… she must look unbearable without hair and make up….
  • [+61, -25] Both sister and dongsaeng are ugly, I always wondered how they became idols at all.. and then saw a picture of their wealthy family ㅋㅋ

On the other hand, international fans were there to support Chaeryeong, they defended her from the hurtful comments and fired back at netizens who said she is ugly.


  1. I don’t why you guys being like this only because of her face.Chaeryoung is pretty enough to be an idol and to be Itzy’s member.The members love her.So why you guys being hurtful towards her?If you don’t like her,don’t say something like that.Please respect her because she is only 19 years old.

  2. I don’t know why people are always expecting a super beautiful face from an idol. Face doesn’t matter very much if she suits in other sides. Besides Chaeryeong is not ugly. She has her own charming Beauty . Please don’t call her ugly.
    People who think she is ugly; are you a venus? Or masterpiece ?
    Show yourself before saying critical things.

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