Netflix Cancels Wrap-Up Press Conference Of Variety Show “Physical: 100” After Cast Members Get Accused Of Assault, Theft, School Violence And More

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While “Physical: 100” got caught up in a series of controversies over the cast even after the end of the show, it suddenly canceled the press conference, which might’ve brought light to the situation.

On February 24, Netflix said, “We are currently grasping the situation after hearing reports that the cast of ‘Physical: 100’ was involved in something unpleasant. We decided to cancel the scheduled press conference.”

Originally, “Physical: 100” was going to hold a press conference to commemorate the completion of the show on the morning of February 28. PD Jang Ho Ki, producer Louis Works Media CEO Han Yul, writer Kang Sook Kyung, writer Cho Geun Ae, and winner Woo Jin Yong were scheduled to attend the meeting.

However, the event was eventually canceled due to rumors regarding the participants that continued until February 23. Netflix explained, “We decided that the priority was to find out the detailed situation of the incident before talking about various stories related to the global success of the work through a press conference.”

Earlier on February 23, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul booked A, a former member of the national team who appeared in “Physical: 100,” on charges of special violence. The police were dispatched after receiving a report from A’s girlfriend that she was assaulted by A earlier in the day. At that time, a weapon was also found at the scene, and the police are investigating whether A used it.

The problem is that this is not the first time the cast has been caught up in controversy. First of all, allegations of school violence (school violence) by female performer B were raised. Recently, there has been a widespread online disclosure by people that B has stolen their money and assaulted them. Netizens pointed to Kim Da Young, a former stunt actor, taking into account various circumstances.

Kim Da Young immediately blocked the SNS comment function and did not give any explanation. There was no additional position after the production team also replied that they were checking about it themselves.

Male performer C was suspected of self-harm and blackmailing. The Gangnam Police Station sent B to the prosecution on charges of blackmailing in November last year. B is accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend in the face several times when she said let’s break up and threatening her to continue meeting him by doing self-harm, such as hitting his head on the desk and the wall.

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