NCT’s Haechan Opens A Personal Instagram Account At Last + Gains Attention For Using One Of The App’s Features

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NCT’s Haechan has finally joined Instagram!

On March 16, NCT’s Haechan surprised fans by opening a personal Instagram, he shared a series of teaser photos of himself for the group’s upcoming comeback “GLITCH MODE,” and captioned them with, “Hi.”

Soon after, Doyoung left an adorable comment under Haechan’s post saying, “Hae-stagram,” he also went on Bubble to announce to fans that Haechan has opened an Instagram account.

Mark also took to Instagram to share a picture of Haechan’s account on his story, he said, “Aigooo, let’s gooo.”

Meanwhile, fans rushed to Haechan’s direct messages to express their joy, but were surprised to notice that their messages cannot be received by him because the NCT member doesn’t allow everyone to send him messages. Fans praised him for using this Instagram feature.

As of this writing, Haechan has surpassed one million followers on Instagram.

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