NCT’s Doyoung And Kim Min Ha To Release A Duet Song In October

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Group NCT member Doyoung and actress Kim Min Ha will present a special gift to fans with a surprise collaboration.

On October 20, Idol School side suddenly announced that Doyoung and Kim Min Ha has participated in the album “‘Fallin” as singers.

Fans are paying keen attention to the news of the collaboration of actress Kim Min Ha, who played the role of Seon Ja in the Apple TV+ original series “Pachinko” and the group NCT member Doyoung, who is considered a singer to trust and listen to any song.

“‘Fallin” is expected to be a duet song that will warm up the chilly autumn season by adding Doyoung’s refreshing and soft voice and Kim Min Ha’s cozy voice.

Attention is focused on how Doyoung and Kim Min Ha will capture the excitement of the moment when love is about to begin.

Doyoung and Kim Min Ha’s sweet duet song “‘Fallin'”, which will wake up the sleeping love cells, will be released on various music sites in late October.

Are you excited for this surprise collaboration?

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