NCT Mark Donates 150 Million Won To Aid Earthquake Victims Of Turkey And Syria

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Group NCT Mark gives a helping hand by donating 150 million won($116,000) to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.  

According to a report by Expo News on the 15th, Mark recently donated 150 million won through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association.

Mark personally delivered the donation through his website without notifying his agency SM Entertainment, and SM later learned about it through confirmation from an association official. It is said that Mark’s warm action to do good deeds secretly was also conveyed to SM insiders.

Mark recently donated 10 million won with Genie Music as the “most anticipated rabbit artist of the year.” In addition, in 2021, Mark’s fans have been doing a warm-hearted good deed by gathering to deliver subsidies for the vulnerable group of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Mark has been active in global activities with SM groups NCT127 and NCT DREAM. In particular, he is showing off his presence in many ways as an all-rounder who plays the main rapper and main dancer in the team.

Our sincere prayers for Turkey and Syria!

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