NCT Johnny Shares Sweet Reaction To Being The Most Mentioned Celebrity At This Year’s Met Gala

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NCT Johnny made his official Met Gala debut two days ago and the internet is still buzzing about it.

On May 2 local time, NCT Johnny attended this year’s Met Gala, he was the only Kpop idol to do so this year. Fans couldn’t stop talking about how fashionable he looked.

The following day, U.S. market research company Netbase Quid published its rankings of the most-mentioned men and women on social media during the 2022 Met Gala. Unsurprisingly, Johnny came in the first place. He was mentioned 240,000 times, in comparison to the 2nd spot among men, Ryan Reynolds was mentioned 48,000 times. In second place overall, Blake Lively took the spot with over 220,000 mentions.

On May 4, Johnny shared a screenshot of the rankings and thanked his fans, he wrote, “NCTzens [NCT’s fans] are the besssttt.”

Congratulations to Johnny!

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