NCT DREAM’s New Album “Candy” Exceeds 2 Million In Pre-Orders

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NCT DREAM’s winter album “Candy” has surpassed 2 million in pre-orders.

According to SM Entertainment, the NCT DREAM winter special mini-album “Candy,” which will be released as an album on December 19, exceeded a total of 2 million pre-orders (as of December 18), showing an unusual number of more than 2 million copies even though it is a winter special album.

In particular, NCT DREAM surpassed 3.61 million copies in sales with its second full-length album “Glitch Mode” and repackage “Beatbox,” which was released in March, and is expected to become a “double million seller” even for winter albums.

NCT DREAM topped the Bugs and Vibe real-time top 100 charts (as of 1 p.m. on December 19) for the fourth day with its title song “Candy” released on November 16 and has not missed its top spot in the real-time top 100 charts of major music charts such as Melon, Genie, and Flo.

Meanwhile, NCT DREAM will hold a live broadcast on YouTube NCT DREAM Channel and TikTok from 8 p.m. to commemorate the release of the winter special album.

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