NCT Dream Become The First NCT Unit To Reach #1 On Melon + More Accomplishments With “Reload”

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NCT Dream most recent comeback is a massive hit already!

As of April 28, it’s been revealed that NCT Dream’s album “Reload” gathered over 500,000 stock pre-orders, becoming their highest number even to date; they’ve broken their previous record with their last album release.

NCT Dream is one of the most popular NCT units in South Korea and recently, SM announced that the members will not be graduating answering fans’ demands who fought for the unit to become fixed.

On April 29 at 6 p.m. KST, NCT Dream made their return with their album “Reload,” featuring the title track “Ridin’”. Twitter went crazy over the comeback and praised the boys talent.  #RIDINwithNCTDREAM topped worldwide twitter trends as fans celebrated NCT Dream comeback.

But the accomplishments don’t end there, As of April 30 03:30 a.m. KST, NCT Dream title track “Ridin’” is the number one track on Melon and Bugs, and number two on Genie. NCT Dream has become the first EVER NCT unit to top Melon chart which is considered the biggest and most competitive chart in South Korea; they join only 5 other Kpop idol group who managed to top Melon charts in 2020.

But “Ridin’” isn’t the only NCT Dream to take over Melon; other tracks from their latest album are also ranking high on Melon.

Congratulations to NCT Dream!

Have you heard their newest album? what are your thoughts on it?

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