NCT 127’s Concert In Jakarta Abruptly Stopped Midway After 30+ Individuals Reportedly Faint Due To Pressure Of Crowd

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NCT 127’s Concert In Jakarta has come to an end midway due to issues.

NCT 127 are currently in Indonesia for their two-day concert.

The November 4 concert first encountered an issue with a bomb threat as fans reported one person making such scary threats online. However, after local authorities searched the hall, nothing was found and the concert proceeded as scheduled. The police increase security at the venue.

NCT 127 concert in Jakarta ended up getting canceled midway after a group of fans began pushing and some began fainting due to the pressure of the crowd.

Its been reported that 30 people fainted due to this issue. The issue happened in the standing section of the concert, an area where no specific seats were given. Thus, some began pushing causing others to be crushed and faint due to a lack of oxygen. The concert was thus stopped midway.

The police came to the conclusion it would be better to stop the concert for the safety of the concertgoers.

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