The Biggest Search Engine In South Korea, Naver, Unveils Top Most-Search Female Kpop Idols In August

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Naver, which is considered the biggest search engine in South Korea and often labeled the Google of South Korea has recently compiled a list of the most searched female kpop idols for the month of August.

According to the list, IVE’s Jang Won Young came in first place achieving a total of 81,300 PC searches and 894,200 mobile searches.

Notably, the six members of IVE made it to the list as well as three members of BLACKPINK.

Check out the full list below!

1. Jang Won Yong (IVE

2. Ahn Yu Jin (IVE) 

3. IU 

4. YoonA (Girls’ Generation)

5. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

6. Choi Ye Na

7. Mimi (Oh My Girl)

8. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

9. Kim Sejeong

10. Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)

11. Rei (IVE)

12. Karina (aespa)

13. Kim Chae Won (LE SSERAFIM)

14. Winter (aespa)

15. Gaeul (IVE)

16. Chung Ha

17. Chaeryeong (ITZY)

18. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

19. Irene (Red Velvet)

20. Jo Yu Ri
21. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)
22. Rose (BLACKPINK)
23. Sakura (LE SSERAFIM)
24. Leeseo (IVE)
25. Minji (NewJeans)
26. Chuu (LOONA)
27. Arin (Oh My Girl)
28. Liz (IVE)
29. Kazuha (LE SSERAFIM)
30. Jeon So Mi

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