Nam Woohyun Becomes The Last INFINITE Member To Depart Woollim Entertainment

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Nam Woohyun has left Woollim Entertainment!

On October 7, Woollim Entertainment announced that Nam Woohyun’s contract with the agency had come to an end after 14 years. They have decided to part ways, he’s now become the final member of INFINITE to depart his agency.

Woollim Entertainment stated that the contract came to an end on October 7. They expressed their gratitude to Nam Woohyun who has been with them this entire time and asked for fans’ to continue to show support for him in the future.

Nam Woohyun also shared a handwritten letter on Instagram addressing his departure. He said they decided to respect each other’s paths moving forward. He says he feels a bit complicated at the moment due to the fact that he’s further away from the agency he’s been with for 14 years, but he will surely repay fans for their love and trust in him.

Nam Woohyun debuted as part of INFINITE in 2010. One by one after their contracts expired in 2017, the members began to leave, Nam Woohyun is the final member of the group to depart the agency.

Wishing the best for Nam Woohyun!

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