Nam Tae Hyun Personally Fires Back At Haters Comments Linking Him To Winner

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The former Winner member has had enough!

On January 14, Nam Tae Hyun took to his Instagram account to call out and reply to malicious comments that tied him to his former group Winner.

Nam Tae Hyun left YG Entertainment and Winner due to health issues back in November 2016. The singer then later established his own label South Buyers Club and his own band South Club in efforts to continue his musical activities.

In his Instagram post he wrote,

“The questions about me leaving Winner, I only answer them because its included in interviews. I don’t want to talk about it either!

And, what, I keep twisting my words? If I talk about the reason why I left in details, do you think it will hurt me? Shut up and stop leaving malicious comments while I bury it quietly and keep it covered.

I don’t like fighting. So keep cheering on the person you like. I am not an idol, I can do well on my own without needing to create an image of being nice and hardworking.

And I work hard on my own. I do what I put my mind to.

That’s why I eat and live better than you guys, who insult others sitting in the corners of your home. If you don’t like me, stop paying attention and leave me alone please.”

Since then Nam Tae Hyun deleted the post of his Instagram account.

How do you feel about what he said?

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My Thoughts

Jesus Christ y’all, just leave the man alone! People can be so annoying sometimes!!!

I don’t think he likes talking about Winner, but he’s always being asked about them and linked to them. It will be a while before people forget he was ever a part of Winner and that’s sad!

What drew my attention was what he said about burying the reason behind why left… I knew there was more into it than what YG released. Because the man (despite what YG Entertainment said) marched forward right after he left Winner.

He created a label and assembled a band. He could be fighting pain while at it, but he kept doing it and released music as well. How come he couldn’t do that while he was in Winner? Stay with the boys, record with them and all of that?

I don’t want to start rumors, Nam Tae Hyun, Winner and YG are the only people who know what actually went on. But not for a second I bought that he left only due to health reasons!

Wishing the cutie the best. I like how he stood up to himself![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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