Nam Tae Hyun Booked For Drunk Driving, Agency Issues Initial Response

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Nam Tae Hyun has been booked by police for DUI!

On March 8, according to the police, the idol opened his car door which he had parked on the roadside, he hit a taxi that was passing by and broke the mirror. After that, he drove about 20 meters.

Police were dispatched as a result and his blood alcohol at the scene tested at 0.114%, enough to have his license revoked. As a result, he was booked immediately. According to the police, Nam Tae Hyun was so intoxicated that they made him go back home and return later for further questioning. The idol had reportedly told the police he was waiting for a designated driver at the time the incident happened.

Later, a representative from his agency stated, “We have never heard of the incident regarding Nam Tae Hyun’s drunk driving. We have no knowledge of it. We need to check first to find out more about it. Once we confirm the facts, we will make an official statement.”

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