MONSTA X Shownu Drastic Sudden Weight Loss Is Deeply Worrying Fans

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MONSTA X Shownu has shocked fans with his weight loss.

In recent TV show performances, fans began to notice that MONSTA X Shownu looked a lot thinner than usual.

Taking a look at photographs from their recent music shows performances such as “The Show” or KBS2’s “Music Bank,” fans noticed that he’s undergone drastic weight loss.

MONSTA X Shownu seems to have lost weight especially in his face, his cheekbones are much more visible right now and his jawline became more defined than before.

In comparison to photos taken of him before the promotions for “Follow” began, fans can clearly notice a drop in his weight. Fans are convinced that it’s due to the recent malicious attacks against him. Fans are also well aware of how much he loves food and how he usually takes good care of his body, this is why his shocking transformation is worrying them.

MONSTA X Shownu probably had his worst year since his debut to date, he was rumored to have been involved with a married woman, Starship denied those rumors and explained the situation. A netizen also spread photos of a naked man claiming them to be of MONSTA X Shownu. Starship also denied those were his photos and vowed to take strict legal action against the spreading of such damaging fake rumors.

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Shownu is also the leader of his group; he must be feeling heavy responsibility for the recent tragic events the group had to endure. Monbebes continue to trend various hashtags to show support for him and the rest of MONSTA X, they sent him many encouraging words asking him to look after himself.

This is the promotional photo of their recent comeback:

Here is a photo of him from November 8:

What do you think of this? Are you also worried about Shownu?

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  1. I am worried the fact that shownu has lost weight I am concerned because he wasn’t like this before he always seems to be happy and he always seems to enjoy what he loves but now that I have seen this It got me worried about shownu’s health I hope that’s he’s okay his health is important for all of us

  2. Seeing recent events like with Wonho and his own drama with the married woman and the manipulated photos. He’s more than likely completely stress out. I hope he finds a healthy way to deal with this. But, they’re in the middle of a Comeback. So I don’t know. Hopefully those that love him are helping him deal.

  3. His face has lost so much weight his face has sunk in. His face looks twice as long and looks like a different person. He looks so much more handsome and healthy in the first photo.. He needs some stress relief and some good healthy food.

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