MONSTA X Jooheon Reaction Reading A Rude Comment Left By A ‘Fan’ Will Break Your Heart

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One ‘fan’ rude comment to MONSTA X jooheon has fans up in arms and for a very good reason.

On July 22, MONSTA X Jooheon held a V Live broadcast to interact with fans. During the one hour long broadcast he interacted with fans, answered questions and talked about lots of things.

One of the things idols usually do during such live broadcasts is reading comments as they’re being posted by fans. One particular comment broke MONSTA X Jooheon and fans could see it.

While reading comments, one ‘fan’ commented,

“Instead of exercising, practice your dancing more.”

Jooheon read that comment out loud and his first reaction was pure shock, he was taken aback by the rude comment, and seemed genuinely upset, his response earned him even more respect, he replied with,

“I work so hard to practice…. I am being scolded…. I will do my best to practice dancing… I will grow further by working hard.”

After replying to that question, he bowed to the camera several times.

While fans loved how professional he was answering the question, they were pretty upset by that one ‘fan’ rude comment that clearly upset Jooheon. Fans noticed that he was trying not to tear up which added to their fury.

You can check out the clip below or watch the entire broadcast here.

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  1. If that person was a true fan of Monsta X
    That comment would have never been said. They all practice hard at what they do. And some members just so happen to have backgrounds in dancing. Whereas others do not but they put the most effort into learning and dancing the best they can each time. Respect to the groups for putting in so many hours of practice whereas some people outside the entertainment industry barely put forth extra effort in their every day routines.

  2. This just breaks my heart., Monsta X works so hard, and their dance routines are really crazy! That fan is absolutely incorrect, and I demand a dance off to a Monsta X routine between Joohoney and that fan.

    Jooheon was very respectful the way he handled the situation. That was incredibly mature of him.

    Jooheon, hwaiting! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Are They serious first of all Jooheon was a b-boy and I think he dances very well. I like his danving even when he’s just playing around. His dance style is nice. He practices so hard and thats is so disrespectful. That person was so rude to come at our Joohoney like that.

  3. How can someone say that?!?!?

    I am gonna find the one who commented that and we will just gonna “DISCUSS” about some stuffs…

    *loads gun*

  4. My honey bee didn’t deserve that and whoever said it should be ashamed of themselves! They all work so hard and Jooheon is an amazing dancer.

  5. The person probably may not know nothing about dancing …. Dancing needs alot of work And Honey boy it’s an amazing dancer … That person may not know dance even to save his freaking life.

  6. I wonder if they actually meant it like “don’t worry about exercising because you’re perfect the way you are” but sometimes we type so fast to get our comment on there that we don’t explain well? I don’t know because I didn’t see the Vlive, and I don’t know Korean well, but I bet the fan just didn’t explain well.

  7. I have never felt like one of those angry kpop fans until this happened. Monsta X is one of the best dance groups in Kpop and jooheon is one of their strongest dancers.

    Why do people join vlives to be nasty? How sad is their life that they tear someone else down. This antifan should be made to dance on stage one of his dances before twenty thousand people and then look at him and repeat her mess.

    Anyways I see jooheon on stage in tomorrow and I am so excited because he is amazing yayayayyaya. Jooehon

  8. I swear who ever that person was I want to fight them right now like how can they say that we all know that MX members practice a lot and work hard for their fans I hope that person can apologise like they shouldn’t say that they made him almost cry like y’all wanna fight or what

  9. I’m so behind on VLIves but the little I saw of this one was so sweet and pure. How can ANYONE hurt our baby like this? He’s so gracious, but I don’t have to be.

  10. She is not a fan, more like an attention seeker and her comment was totally uncalled for. Joohoney is perfect, he doesn’t need to practice, he doesn’t need to exercise, he doesn’t need to change a single thing about himself. He is gorgeous, talented, sexy, sweet and adorable, in other words, perfect!

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